Introducing our exceptional awardee and their outstanding achievements.

Anthony Ojo-Kolawole Opeoluwa

The Lead Designer and CEO of ANTOS, Anthony Ojo-Kolawole Opeoluwa, is a Fashion Designer and is supported by a dedicated team. ANTOS is a unisex brand, with highly skilled personnel located in Lagos, Nigeria. The brand has a niche centered around the use of rare quality fabrics, prints, embroidery and paintings,while applying attention to detail as an intricate attribute of our creation process. The vision of ANTOS is to become the world’s most popular brand in all clothing and fashion products that enhances people’s lifestyle. At ANTOS our mission is to provide our customers a unique, desirable product with the highest quality and the greatest standard of service through luxury, comfort, and constant improvement. Our value is to create clothing pieces for the brand to be seen not just as a clothing brand, but a lifestyle and To deliver great value to our customers every day. Creativity, freedom, equity and excellence are all central to our values.

Adora Richards

Adora Richards, is a self-taught multidisciplinary, media & visual artist with a remarkable talent for crafting visually compelling and emotionally evocative works of art. A graduate of the University of Florida's licensed art therapy program, Adorah has built a distinguished career as a certified art therapist, employing her deep knowledge and understanding of the therapeutic benefits of art to help individuals cope with various emotional and psychological issues. In addition to her work as an art therapist, Adorah is also a gifted content creator and the founder of 3rdyearts, an art wellness brand with a mission to foster freedom of self-expression and consciousness through art. Driven by a fierce passion to effect positive change in the world, Adorah is a tireless advocate for sustainable INFORMATION and the power of art to inspire, heal, and transform lives.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Kelechi Amadi-Obi studied law at the University of Nigeria but soon set aside his law practice to pursue an artistic career. His quick rise in art circles can be traced to his informal art development while he was a student: he took many extracurricular classes in illustration and honed his skills as a graphic artist by making posters for student union activities and social engagements. His early work in portrait painting showed a remarkable talent for rendering figurative images. Later, after trying out several painting media, he discovered a particular love for watercolor paints: its delicate transparency enabled him to create enthralling figurative paintings and verdant landscapes. He used black and white ink washes for a while and composed his paintings based on his photograph of the models. In time, Amadi-Obi focused on photography as a primary medium and has since become acclaimed as a photographer particularly for his documentation of major figures of contemporary... Read more

Soso Taylor

Soso Taylor is a fashion brand that appeals to the fit and stylish woman. Active wear and Ready to wear is our focus. We are a talented and customer oriented brand with an eye for product styling.

 Isaac John

A detail & goal-oriented individual with extensive knowledge in the fashion, retail and luxury industries. In 5 years, he has developed a career as a Fashion Stylist, Designer & Retail/Brand Consultant; Not to mention A Vogue Feature. Ladies & Gentlemen - Isaac John.


JfabricsAdire is a fashion and lifestyle brand that offers Afrocentric clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Our mission is to promote African culture and pride through our unique designs by allowing the wearer to stand out and be more expressive of his/her unique style and high quality product


Omolabake is the first from a family of seven. In her twenties She's a graduate of Yaba College Of Technology, where she studied Industrial design. major in Fashion. She's a fashion designer, fashion stylist. Costumier and the creative head of The Dust Of The Earth brand, a contemporary and artisinal fashion brand and also Style Entity Studio, a styling outfit. She has worked with notable fashion houses and has garnered experiences over the years. She's been featured on fashion magazines and was also a finalist on Design Fashion Africa. Her favourite colors are sky blue and army gray.

Oreofe Oguntola

Oreofe Oguntola

Founder of Oreofe Olowo Eyo, Oreofe Oguntola is a Nigerian artist who is popularly known as the Cowry God. She creates intricate and detailed designs using Cowries which are a type of sea shell that is traditionally used in African art and culture. The main goal of her craft is to deconstruct the perception of Cowries, taking it away from fetish connections into art and beauty space. She has been recognized as the youngest Cowry artist in Nigeria, and also as the first person to teach Cowry craft as indigenous vocational studies across African schools. Oreofe has been featured in various media publications for her craft, her acting prowess, and the power of her pen.

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16th August 2023